Active and All In at The Gardens Casino

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Moving along here on our California road trip, into a proper card room. Let’s get after the holdem games at The in fabulous Hawaiian Gardens, CA. Did you forget about the volcano? I didn’t.

Cue gratuitous drone scene.

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Favorable Apparel!

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  1. Gonna carry the torch forward from one of my fellow poker vloggers by sending today's $25 missed-hand charity donation to an animal rescue group: The Nevada SPCA.

  2. I tell you what….give me your winnings for the night and you can tell the best I lost the max story ever…lol….great vlogs man….you have been giving me the max with every new vlog.

  3. I'm usually nervous when i play at this casino! I'm more of a bicycle casino player more than the garden but maybe it's gotten better since the last time i visited! Just seemed like a rough crowd.

  4. Great video man. I know you don't like it when you break even but we here in the comments do! Ha all the best.

  5. I just checked out the new HG room for the first time a couple weeks ago, super nice!

  6. So funny. Breaking even does suck slightly more than small losses or wins. I'm sure the psycho analyst subs out there can tell us both why. FWIW I've thought about this for a while and have zero clue why lol.

  7. Dude you should be happy with that fold on the river there a lot of players with of found it hard to do that….

  8. Just sharing my thought here: in the AA hand. Isn't it better to check on that flop, because it's pretty hard for your opponents to hit that flop and if they did hit the 10 you are betting into a better hand. Also you are not afraid to any card on the turn. Espacially with the A diamond in your hand. You actually hope that someone hits something on the turn so you can get value out of it. Just curious, what are you're thought @andrew?

  9. RIP the casino cat who Andrew callously ran over whilst leaving the car park

  10. I can't ask for more on my bday…got my Favorable cap and a Neeme Favorable vlog. Thank You Sir!

  11. woop neeme East coast man !! gotta let us know when your coming to foxwoods

  12. Hey andrew,
    Do you think that your 3bet sizing could be a lil larger sometimes like 3.5 and higher

    Love yout vlogs
    Cheers from


  13. Besides the one Andrew shared in the description, which book would you prefer to improve poker skills? Btw thanks for the Vlog!

  14. Pretty bad bet ott with 67cc. Why not merge with check back?

  15. In that 97off hand. On the turn, if we decide to raise, shouldn't we make it bigger? Pot is 375, SB leads for 115 we make it 330 making the pot 820. SB needs to call 215 to win 820 . Button 330 to win 820. Either way if we put them on the range that you said they have – flushdraws, sets, twopairs – we are not charging them enough to draw. Sets have 25% equity Flushdraws about 20% so they almost get even money.

  16. Hey, the drone's back in action and working fine this time, cheers to the great footage.

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